Mattias Björk wrote:

I have setup qmail with vpopmail+courier-imap and are using a virtual domain. Its named "". Im running it on FreeBSD 5.2.1.

I have used this guide to accomplish this:


(Qmail HOWTO 1 thru chapter 3.)

I have also read some of the comments and did the change of
AUTHMODULES="authvchkpw" in "/usr/local/etc/courier-imap/authdaemonrc" from AUTHMODULES="authdaemon".

Odd - in my version of /usr/local/etc/courier-imap/authdaemonrc the line is:

authmodulelist="authvchkpw authcustom authuserdb authpam"

(I just added authvchkpw to the start of the default list).

Moreover, I have no line beginning AUTHMODULES=

In case it helps, here is my complete authdaemonrc:

#starts here - comments stripped

authmodulelist="authvchkpw authcustom authuserdb authpam" authmodulelistorig="authcustom authuserdb authpam" daemons=5 version="" authdaemonvar=/usr/local/var/authdaemon

#end of file

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