Hello all,

Here is my problem. I've got a fanless computer with a FreeBSD 5.2.1
embedded in a CompactFlash card. On this appliance, I must plug a PS/2
mouse but NO keyboard. When I boot the appliance with a keyboard and a
mouse, no problem, atkbdc0 is detected, with atkbd0 and psm0 on it. The
problem is that when I boot with no keyboard, the controller (atkbdc0)
isn't detected any more, so the mouse (psm0) isn't detected ; dmesg
doesn't show atkbdc, atkbd or psm.

Does anyone know what can I do ? I must be able to boot with a mouse but
no keyboard. I tried setting different flags for atkbd0 in device.hints.
Maybe there's a way with the kernel, sysctl or device.hints, or
something else, to have an atkbd0 "detected" even with no keyboard
plugged in. Or to force the detection of the controller atkbdc0, on
which is the mouse.

Thanks for any answer, I really need help, I didn't find something
similar on google and I don't know what to do for now. I think it's a
problem with the way   atkbdc works so I didn't included a specific
dmesg, but if you want more info, dont't hesistate to ask.

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