Here's a good reason to top-post: I'm referring to the message as a
whole, rather than to the content.

This message came in while I was writing my previous message in this
thread.  It shows *exactly* the points I was referring to.  Yes, the
reply is posted at the bottom, but the quoted text is mutilated beyond
what anybody could have believed 20 years ago.  Your reply appears to
refer to the last paragraph only (I suppose; I can't read the
message), but you've (mis)quoted it in its entirety.

A question to you: do you like the appearance of this message?  Or do
you do it because it's too difficult to write a tidy reply?  I suspect
the latter, and that's the point I'm trying to make.  I do
occasionally have to use "Outlook", and I find it incredibly painful
to use.

On Tuesday, 10 August 2004 at 18:14:41 -0400, JJB wrote:
> Kevin Stevens wrote:
>> On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, JJB wrote:
>>> The fact of life is all the Unix mail clients adhere to the Unix
>>> email format of posting the reply to the bottom of the email
> while
>>> indenting with a quote character.
>> Not true.  Pine doesn't, for example.  It begins a reply with the
>> cursor at the very top of the message body.
>>> Top posting came along when MS/Windows came on the market with
> their
>>> own email clients: Outlook express which is the email client
> built
>>> into Internet explorer and the MS/Office Outlook email client.
>> Not true.  See above.
>>> There is a little known fix for MS/Outlook express and MS/Office
>>> Outlook email clients that change the behavior of these
> MS/Windows
>>> email clients so they adhere to the Unix email format of posting
> the
>>> reply to the bottom of the email while indenting with a quote
>>> character.
>> "Fix" is a loaded term which presumes that something is broken.
>>> To all you Unix hard liners, Please instead of complaining to the
>>> top posters, it would be so much nicer if you just informed the
>> It would actually be much nicer if they'd just quit trying to
> enforce
>> their preferences on others.
>>> MS/Windows top poster of the above links so they know about the
>>> solution to fix their email clients to adhere to the Unix email
>>> format used on this list.
>> Please provide a cite/ref to the "Unix email format" as something
> more
>> concrete than your personal definition.  And more concrete than
>> 1855, whose second sentence reads: "This memo does not specify an
>> Internet standard of any kind."
>> KeS
> So your a hard core purest on the other side of the coin. You can
> nit pick about wording all you want. It still does not detract from
> the fact that there is an 'FIX' to change the behavior of MS/windows
> top posting. As always, the reader has the chose in how they want to
> reply to posts on this list, top or bottom posting.
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