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> Subject: Top posting solution
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> all you Unix hard liners, Please instead of
> complaining to the top posters, it would be so much nicer if
> you just informed the MS/Windows top poster of the above
> links so they know about the solution to fix their email
> clients to adhere to the Unix email format used on this list.
> Thanks for you attention

What I have found works for me is to compose a message that I would find
easy to read.  I know this doesn't mean everyone is able to read it as
well as others, or myself, but I've got a better chance, I've found, if
I edit the message to contain only the pertinent information to my

This does not always apply to messages between two or three people, as
it is helpful to maintain a thread, and it's not as likely to get munged
up through many edits.

It's really very simple.  It doesn't matter to me if the reply is top or
bottom posted, as long as I'm able to ascertain the meaning or questions
being posed.  If I can read it, I will generally respond.  If I want my
message replied to, I create it in such as way that people don't
generally find it difficult to read.


Eric F Crist

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