>> have not yet found a way to port it into FreeBSD ports. Can any body
>> tell me how its done. Are there any documentation on how to do this?
>> The new software is called RURS (Remote Unix Recovery Service).
>> said, it is the same as WINDOWS Gost utility.
> we already have dd and rsh. it's of course not the same as
> WINDOWS Gost (or maybe ghost). it's much better and fer much
> easier to use. _______________________________________________

IMHO, It shouldn't be about what we (the freebsd community) already
have, but what others have to offer.  Please just help point him in the
right direction (I don't know in this case), rather than say, 'We
already have something like that, go away.'  This RURS application *may*
be better in some ways than dd or rsh alone.

Thanks for being a part of the community.

Eric F Crist

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