Hello list,

when I install FreeBSD alone on my computer the system is booting normally. 
When I install Windows 98 before and then installing FreeBSD and boot 
afterwards the computer, the FreeBSD-MBR offers the menue to boot the 
systems, but every stroke on the keyboard causes a "beep", the countdown to 
boot the last system is not active and only Ctrl+Alt+Del is possible.

1. Maybe I should say that I installed my FreeBSD with the option:
set hw.ata.ata_dma="0"
at the loader prompt, because my HDD is not understanding UDMA/33 and higher 
and I had to configure that manually.
2. Maybe I should say that, if I use the "standard"-MBR from Windows 98 the 
Windows is starting. That is the reason that I think that maybe something is 
wrong with the FreeBSD-MBR.

Any solutions for this scenario?

Stevan Tiefert

deltree /y c:\windows
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