Hello people,

  I have a 40Gb "Seagate Barracuda IV" IDE HDD. After booting up from
  my FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE CD I can't proceed with the installation because
  sysinstall says that it can't find any disks.

  But "lsdev" shows something like that:


      disk devices:


           disk1: BIOS drive C
                  disk1s1: Unknown fs: 0x7   #this is a NTFS partition
                  disk1s2: FAT-32
                  disk1s3: FAT-32            #I want BSD installed here
  Also, I noticed that if I replace the HDD with either an 8,6Gb IBM or
  a 4,3Gb Fujitsu everything goes like it should. Besides, if I plug my
  Seagate into another PC the installation passes normally.

  Thank you in advance for your help and sorry if my English seems
  weird. :)

Best regards,
 Iuliu                         mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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