I'm desparate. Or, almost..

I always uses xterms under X, but recently I changed my default terms to
aterm (transparant, pixmaps backgrounds..).

Xterm, rxvt: they use my us_intl keyboard perfectly, but somehow when I
use aterm *under_freebsd* things change! My <del> key becomes a normal
<backspace>, my high-ascii can't be used!. It's all 'e all of a sudden.
This happens only under aterm for FreeBSD. My Debian/Woody w/ aterm
keeps working like it should.

Does anybody has any idea how this is possible and where to look for the
solution. I very much would want to keep using aterm. I love this
terminal, except for this strange behaviour.

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++ Running FreeBSD 4.10 ++ Debian GNU/Linux (Woody)
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