I just did:

# use.perl system
# make buildworld

on yesterday's RELENG_5_2 and it seems it has finished
successfully the build..

tomorrow I'll try buildkernel + install and I'll report
the results here. To be true, though, I have no idea
if perl is used or not during the build process..

Best regards.

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Henrik W Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Roberto Nunnari wrote:

Thank you all for your answers.

one more questions...

What is the preferred/advised version for buildWorld and co?

Without knowing for sure, I'd say the base version of perl is the best one to use for the whole build* and install* process.

He said he was running 5.2.1, where perl is not present in the base
system.  I thought it wasn't needed for buildworld et. al., but I
can't check at the moment because I can't access my 5.x machine...

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