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I've managed to get gd to compile, but now i need to grab
php5-extensions, but that seems to
have been broken into several different things in the past few days.
Is there any easy way like there was
with php5-extensions and the menuconfig style of selecting which was


Matthew Seaman wrote:

| On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 07:29:46PM -0500, antenneX wrote:
|> From: "Marc Cabanatuan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:
|> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004
|> 6:31 PM Subject: php5 & libgd
|>> ive grabbed php5 and attempted to grab phpMyAdmin from ports
|>> and in doing so (php5 works fine) I receive the error 'Unknown
|>> extension gd.' I recently discoevered that php was split from
|>> the core and its extensions, however in enabling 'gd' in
|>> php5-extensions, i still receive the same error. % make install
|>> clean Unknown extension gd. *** Error code 1 Stop in
|>> /usr/ports/lang/php5-extensions.
|>> Is gd located in ports? What is the recommended way of grabbing
|>> libgd and installing it? pkg_add? Any help with this would be
|>> greatly appreciated.
|> I'm having the same trouble with php4 -- the gd fails everytime.
| That doesn't sound good at all.  But you two are the only people
| who have reported anything like this -- and as the port's
| maintainer, I'd hope I would be the first point of contact for
| problem reports.
| I'm mystified as to why you should be having problems with the GD
| extension specifically.  It's just another run-of-mill PHP
| extension.
| Hmmm... I've just tried doing a test install of phpMyAdmin on a
| system stripped of all previously installed php or pecl ports:
| # cd /usr/ports/databases/phpmyadmin # make install
| and as a result the following PHP/PECL ports are installed:
| % pkg_info -I \*php\* \*pecl\* pecl-pdflib-2.0.1   A PECL extension
| to create PDF on the fly php5-5.0.0_2        PHP Scripting Language
| (Apache Module and CLI) php5-bz2-5.0.0_2    The bz2 shared
| extension for php php5-gd-5.0.0_2     The gd shared extension for
| php php5-mysql-5.0.0_2  The mysql shared extension for php
| php5-openssl-5.0.0_2 The openssl shared extension for php
| php5-pcre-5.0.0_2   The pcre shared extension for php
| php5-zlib-5.0.0_2   The zlib shared extension for php
| phpMyAdmin- A set of PHP-scripts to administer MySQL over
| the web
| and everything seems to be working as intended.
| Can you verify that you both have an up to date version of ports,
| that you've built or downloaded a copy of the INDEX{,-5} file to
| match the ports and if you've got any relevant settings in
| /etc/make.conf or /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf (if using
| portupgrade)?
| If the port still fails to install cleanly please do get back to
| me, with as much detail as you can about exactly what the build
| process outputs where the error occurs.
| Cheers,
| Matthew

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