Brand new to FreeBSD. I must say I luv everything so far, especially
how simple everything seemed to go from initial installation to kernel
compilation to a GUI XFCE4 desktop running Firefox. Everything just
works. I like that alot. This is of course is after a few days worth
or reading  and research. Well worth the Return On Investment,
considering  FreeBSD is Free as well. ;)

There are a few Key areas that need some attention that man pages and
the FBSD handbook/manual are not helping make any clearer for me.

1) /etc/make.conf
 A) If this file doesn't exist what CPU, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS settings are
used and where(what global file is used if any), when compiling a
package in /usr/ports/?

 B) Is there a link that describes what are considered safe CFLAGS AND
CXXFLAGS settings depending on what type of CPU a person is using,
that a person can use in their "make.conf" file? Right now I have a
PII 300 MHz.

 C) The /etc/make.conf file as well as the settings inside of the
example /etc/defaults/make.conf file are confusing to me. I'm totally
unsure of what settings are safe to use and which are not and what
kind of impact this file has once in place in /etc/?

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