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> There are a few Key areas that need some attention that man pages and
> the FBSD handbook/manual are not helping make any clearer for me.

The guys over on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list are always keen to receive
patches or suggestions for improvements to the documentation.
> 1) /etc/make.conf
>  A) If this file doesn't exist what CPU, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS settings are
> used and where(what global file is used if any), when compiling a
> package in /usr/ports/?

There isn't a global file of defaults, per se, with /etc/make.conf
(unlike, eg. periodic.conf or rc.conf) -- the default values are set
in various Makefiles scattered around the system.

However you can consult the make.conf(5) man page and look at the
"default" make.conf.  That's /etc/defaults/make.conf under 4.x, or
/usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf under 5.x.  That file details the
flags you can tweak to affect building world and kernel: there are
many other flags to do with building ports that you can also set
there, but that's another story.
>  B) Is there a link that describes what are considered safe CFLAGS AND
> CXXFLAGS settings depending on what type of CPU a person is using,
> that a person can use in their "make.conf" file? Right now I have a
> PII 300 MHz.

Comments in make.conf, conversations on the developer mailing lists.
What compilation options are considered appropriate has changed over
time and as the system C compiler has been incrementally updated.
>  C) The /etc/make.conf file as well as the settings inside of the
> example /etc/defaults/make.conf file are confusing to me. I'm totally
> unsure of what settings are safe to use and which are not and what
> kind of impact this file has once in place in /etc/?

Basically, start by using an /empty/ make.conf: that will get you
essentially default settings for everything and will produce code that
will run on the maximum number of different variants of IA32 CPU.  Add
settings to make.conf as and when you need the functionality those
changes enable.  Generally if you go OTT with stuff in make.conf, it
will cause the compilation to fall over a long time before you ever
get to installing what you've compiled.



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