Hi all,

I have 6 GB left on an already production disk drive, that I want to
label and use. In sysinstall, using disklabel, I get the following:

Disk: ar0       Partition name: ar0s1   Free: 12218275 blocks (5965MB)

Part      Mount          Size Newfs   Part      Mount          Size Newfs
----      -----          ---- -----   ----      -----          ---- -----
ar0s1a    <none>        250MB *
ar0s1b    swap         1024MB SWAP
ar0s1e    <none>      40000MB *
ar0s1f    <none>      30000MB *
ar0s1g    <none>      40000MB *

If I create another partition and then write with the 'w' command,
will this destroy any data? Or would I be better off using the
disklabel command, and entering in the following:

h: * 4.2BSD

and then doing a newfs?

What is the safest or most recommended way?



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