On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 04:00:23PM -0700, suporte dsgx wrote:
> is there anyway possible that i could fsck swap space ? cause last time i was using 
> 1.5G of swap then the ded crashed with a power failure now it started rebooting 
> automatictly without even logging the reason on messages every time the ded start 
> using the swap it reboots with no reason thx

No -- there's no filesystem on a swap partition to fsck(8).

It does sound as if your swap area is damaged though.  Depending on
the disk type you could try doing a surface analysis.  For SCSI disks
that should be an option available from the SCSI BIOS.  For ata
drives, you'll probably have to download a DOS program from the disk
manufacturer's website.  There should be a non-destructive version
which will let you know if there are areas on your disk that cannot be

If that is the case, then your best course is to get yourself a new
drive ASAP and copy your system onto it.  A disk that has been so
damaged as to run out of alternate blocks etc. is definitely on it's
last gasp and likely to fail completely at any time.



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