Hello list

Am about to get an ADSL internet connection... there are two devices 
available, an ADSL modem and a router... the modem should not have a problem 
to work (I have one at office), but have a doubt with the router and don't 
know which device aquire...

I have my local network configured with private addresses in the range 
192.168.0.* and GATEWAY=192.168.0.x (the ip of the server with firewall)... 
My question is... would I be able with the router to use it as gateway 
without assigning dynamic addresses via DHCP? I want to preserve my static 
private addresses 192.168.0.* with a GATEWAY=... configuration, is that 

In the worst case I can setup a firewall and use one of my computers as 
gateway with 2 ethernet cards, one for the router and the other for my LAN...

Any comment?

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