Miguel Cardenas wrote:
Hello list

Am about to get an ADSL internet connection... there are two devices available, an ADSL modem and a router... the modem should not have a problem to work (I have one at office), but have a doubt with the router and don't know which device aquire...

Assuming it's a modem/router with a web management interface, I'd recommend using that.

I have my local network configured with private addresses in the range 192.168.0.* and GATEWAY=192.168.0.x (the ip of the server with firewall)... My question is... would I be able with the router to use it as gateway without assigning dynamic addresses via DHCP? I want to preserve my static private addresses 192.168.0.* with a GATEWAY=... configuration, is that possible?

Shouldn't be a problem. Just turn off dhcp on the router and make sure the LAN interface is set to the right network. Alternatively, keep dhcp on, set to the right network, but set the pool of available addresses to exclude the ones you are using at the moment. That way, you have the option of using dhcp for any new additions to your network.


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