Server specs

Dual p4 xeon 2.4 (4virtual cpus)
1gig ecc ram
5x 36gig 10k rpm scsi on a ami megaraid

I only host a few web sites on this server which at the most peak hour of
times there is only about 6-7%cpu usage. For some reason my load avg's will
jump from 0.05 to 0.98 even to 1.50 when the cpu is only using 3%.

I am thinking something is using the hard drive as I have load avg peaks of

I want to find out what is causing this as im curious to why they get so

Does anyone know how to find out what running processes are using the
harddrive or something like that??

Also how do I check if DMA mode is enabled, I know there is a hdparm in
linux but I cant find anything like that for freebsd..

Thanks for you help

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