On Aug 13, 2004, at 1:10 AM, AlanSung wrote:

IMHO, bsdpan-* means install via cpan directory (not via ports),
p5-* means installed from ports......

Okay. Nuts. That's what I was afraid of.

I guess I was a little thrown because the bsdpan modules are showing up with portversion and portupgrade, which I had always associated with just the ports database and ports collection.

And yes, if you can find expected module in ports tree, it is better
install from ports than install from cpan driectly..


When I set up this server, it was (at the time) just for the purpose of this portal server (web based). I followed their directions for Linux and FreeBSD, and did it to the letter, etc...a lot of "install this and this from CPAN using this command line instruction..." etc. etc.

In this case, R'ing the F'ing M was apparently a bad idea :-( Wish this server software were available as a port!

Anyway, I am tentatively hoping to replace the bsdpan modules with ports' p5 modules. Is there a method AND ORDER to best attempt this, so the application (hopefully) won't break? I don't want to install a p5 port and remove a bsdpan module only to have the bsdpan module erase parts of the p5 modules in the process :-(


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