Laszlo Antal wrote:


Thank you sooo much for helping me out with my network card setup.
Now I know it was a dumm questione.(/stand/sysinstall.. OFCOURSE).
Anyway, I did something unbelievable!! I setup my built in wireless
card!!! Sorry for all this info about my laptop.

My only little problem is freebsd operate my card only 5Mps.
The card can go upto 11Mps. Where can I change this settings?

Thank you for all the help, this forum is the best.



You should check out the command wicontrol(8) if your WiFi card uses the wi(4) or ath(4) driver (I'm sure a similar tool exists for other wireless NIC drivers as well). In fact, here you go:

Just type `wicontrol' into the box and hit "Submit".

Mind you, though, that the fact that the card is operating at 5Mbps could be due to the conditions where the laptop is located. The poorer the signal, the lower the speed (something Windows elegantly neglects to tell you, you only know if the connection is Excellent, Good, Low, Very Low or No Signal).

Hope this helps, and congrats on a sparkling new, improved (hell, I'd say sexy ;-) computer system!

-Henrik W Lund

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