On Aug 13, 2004, at 5:12 PM, Abid Saigol wrote:
We have a ADSL internet connection served through a Linksys router setup as the primary gateway on IP Our ISP has allocated a non-filtered fixed IP address to us. I have set-up the FreeBSD box with a fixed IP of subnet, and configured the router to place the server in the DMZ, i.e. direct all incoming traffic to it.

OK. (You've provided a good description of your setup, BTW. This helps.)

My question is should I setup the FBSD machine to recognize the fixed internet IP address allocated to us by the ISP as an Alias on the interface card? Everything seems to work fine even I don't do this.

The reason why you might want to setup that alias is if one of the other machines on your LAN wants to talk to this server via it's public name (thus using the public IP). If your local machines always use a name which refers to the address, you don't need the alias.


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