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> Hello,
> Did they allocate more than one? I mean, one to be the
> oif of the Linksys and another one that you can assign
> as an alias on the FBSD box? If so, you _can_. But
> that should only be neccesary if you need to access
> the box from the internal network via the external
> network. On the other hand, you don't even need to put
> the server in the DMZ. The Linksys should let you do
> port forwarding for just the port(s) you actually need
> exposed. The more layers between your server and the
> Internet, the better.
> HTH,
> Stheg
Thanks for the input.

I have only one fixed IP that is being handled by the Linksys router.  I was
only concerned that anyone using IP addressing on the internet should be
able to access the HTTP and SMTP services.  And once I have a clearer
picture of my traffic, I intend to switch over to port forwarding.


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