On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 05:40:58PM +0930, Malcolm Kay wrote:
> I run fetchmail in daemon mode to download
> POP3 mail from my ISP.
> Sendmail rejects many messages as for example:
> Aug 14 16:59:33 beta sm-mta[35000]: i7E7DYje035000: 
>   ruleset=check_mail, arg1=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 
>   relay=localhost.home [], reject=451 
>   4.1.8 Domain of sender address [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>   does not resolve
> I am quite happy to have these rejected but it seems they don't 
> get deleted at the ISP end and clog up the mail box, I think 
> eventually confusing fetchmail.
> Is there some reasonable way of disposing of these messages. I would
> prefer not to download these into my normal user mailbox but I would 
> be quite happy to divert them to some pseudo user setup for the 
> purpose. I would imagine sendmail can be coaxed into doing this, but
> how?
> Responding to 2 or 3 lists using a valid e-mail address means that
> I receive a lot of spam including much with unresolvable addresses.
> I would appreciate any ideas.

Fetchmail (nor getmail) will do this for you. I don't know of any
(other) program that allow you to do this on the client side. You can do
this if you have shell access to the ISP server with procmail. Can you
tell me if you have access to those files? (It doesn't make much sence
going in to that rigth now.)


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