You will have difficulty with this setup.  Most large providers require that
you register your multihomed capacity on a list.  Otherwise traffic won't
know to come in on a particular interface or that it can go either way.  I
must admit I'm going from memory here.  I used to work at an ISP about 5
years ago.  At that time we went from a T3 with UUNET to a multihomed setup
with verio and uunet.  It was rather odd actually.. 3 t1s connected us to
our modem banks at the telco and then we had an ethernet connection to
verio's pipe, plus the T3 in our main office.  Anyway, verio required us to
get on this list.  They told us that most large ISPs use it for routing.  I
suspect you will need static ips with the cable provider to pull it off as

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Hey all,

I'm thinking about getting both DSL and Cable at home.  I've currently
got DSL with static Ips and I host servers.  I would like to setup a
dual-homed system, so I could utilize both download bandwidths.  How
should I best go about this, and does my desired setup make sense?


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