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> You will have difficulty with this setup.  Most large
> providers require that you register your multihomed capacity
> on a list.  Otherwise traffic won't know to come in on a
> particular interface or that it can go either way.  I must
> admit I'm going from memory here.  I used to work at an ISP
> about 5 years ago.  At that time we went from a T3 with UUNET
> to a multihomed setup with verio and uunet.  It was rather
> odd actually.. 3 t1s connected us to our modem banks at the
> telco and then we had an ethernet connection to verio's pipe,
> plus the T3 in our main office.  Anyway, verio required us to
> get on this list.  They told us that most large ISPs use it
> for routing.  I suspect you will need static ips with the
> cable provider to pull it off as well.

Actually, I was under the assumption that the multi-homed system would
process outgoing traffic, and the incoming would just return on the
appropriate IP.  In this scenario, there's no need to register hosts.


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