On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 12:39:24AM -0700, Jay O'Brien wrote:
> I've changed the mount point for devices; i.e., ad0s1g 
> was /usr and now I want ad0s1f to mount on boot as /usr. 
> I can't seem to get anywhere with disklabel editor in 
> single-user mode. It errors out; device busy. When I 
> start diskeditor again, mount points are shown as <none>. 
> I'm sure I'm overlooking a very basic issue, and I could 
> sure use some guidance.
> Jay O'Brien
> Rio Linda, CA USA

The disklabel doesnt' specify the mount point for partitions, it simply
describes the size and number of partitions.  Edit the file /etc/fstab
to direct init how/where to mount your various partitions that the
disklabel describes.  The disklabel editor that is part of sysinstall
asks about a mount point because it will usually need to automatically
mount your partitions during a new install.

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