Bill Moran wrote:

> Jay O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>I'm trying to replicate a successful FreeBSD installation 
>>on a new HD with a different file structure. I am able to 
>>access the FreeBSD machine over my LAN as a user, but not 
>>as root. This is true for both ftp and telnet.
> I do not use telnet or FTP because neither are secure, however, I
> believe root access through these protocols is denied by default.
> I know root access is denied via ssh.

This is only on my local LAN, so security isn't a problem.

> Off the top of my head, I'm not sure how to allow root access through
> FTP and telnet, but I'm sure the associated config files will have an
> option to allow it.  It would be wise to take a hint, however, and NOT
> allow it, as it' is not secure.
>>The ftp connect as root is rejected outright, yet a user 
>>connect works fine.
> Sounds like a correct configuration

But why does it work fine with the configuration I have set up on 
my old HD? If I can make it work once, why not again?

If I shouldn't do it, OK. But what is the magic that makes it 
work in my old build of the "same" setup?

Jay O'Brien

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