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> When I'm on the 4.10 box the scrollback is about 200 lines. If possible 
> I'd like to set the  scroll back to 600 lines or so (at least).
> Question: How do I increase the scrollback on 4.10?

That depends on the console program you're using.  For an xterm(1),
the following in ~/.Xdefaults will give you 8k scrollback lines:

    xterm*saveLines:        8192

(Remember to run '/usr/X11R6/bin/xrdb -merge ${HOME}/.Xdefaults' out
of .xsession or .xinit so that gets set every time you log in)

For the system console, you'll need to play with the syscons(4)
history size.  Modify your kernel configuration to set

    options SC_HISTORY_SIZE=N

where N is the number of lines of scroll back you want (default 100).
Then build and install a new kernel in the usual way:


There doesn't seem to be any way of achieving the same effect via
sysctl(8), which is unfortunate.



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