> Hey All,
> I am havign some trouble installing FreeBSD 4.10 on my PC.  I
> downloaded an ISO image (and verified the checksum) from the
> FreeBSD FTP site.  After burning the image to CD, I checked the
> checksums, which were the same.
> When I put the CD in the drive and attempt to boot from it, I just
> a register dump and the computer halts.
> For example:  AL:.........   AH:.............
> EAX:.................... etc.....
> I have made another CD from the same image and the same thing
>  I have a Compaq Eco PC, with a 2.0 GHz PIV processor, 256MB Ram,
> 40gig HDD, etc...
> Any suggestions on what I could try to remedy this?
> Thanks
> Tyler

If your burned cd has just the single .iso file on it them you did
not burn it correctly to cdrom. Your cdrom burn software has to be
.iso aware. Meaning it has to know that the .iso file is a
compresses single file that has to be uncompressed as its written
out to cdrom. Your bootable cdrom should look like a data cd with
many directories loaded with many files.

If your cd is ok per the above, then you may be using a newer PC
which has more ms/windows Bios options. Turn off PNP and OS bios

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