Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Eeek!  You do realise you've just sent the root password across your
> network in plain text?  Maybe your network is completely secure and
> you aren't running a risk by doing that, but on the whole it's a
> really bad idea.  Get into the habit of using ssh(1) routinely for
> your own peace of mind, if nothing else.  You can also replace ftp(1)
> for many purposes by scp(1) or rsync(1) (from the net/rsync port),
> both of which operate over ssh(1).
Thanks for your concern. Once there is anything on the computer, I 
will certainly close those security holes. Right now it is only a 
means to learn about FreeBSD and document the steps necessary to build 
a machine that will fit my needs. I opened ftp and telnet access to 
root as a simple way to copy files to and from a windows computer and 
to control the FreeBSD computer from another location. I do plan to 
implement ssh, but first I must evaluate PuTTY and other alternatives. 

In the meantime, it is protected from the internet by a hardware 
router that doesn't forward any ports to the FreeBSD computer.

There's so much to learn! This experience with FreeBSD takes me back 
to my days with CP/M and S-100 bus computers. Maybe if CP/M had been 
allowed to grow up, rather than be killed by DOS and Windows, it 
could have become CP/M-BSD?

Jay O'Brien
Rio Linda, CA USA

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