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Jerry - thanks for the response. I did see your comments on the situation you describe below, sorry that you had to say the same thing twice. But I was/am confused, because I'm not using SATA. I am using the LSILogic scsi controller card. Am I correct in understanding that the LSILogic Ultra320 scsi controller is not supported in FreeBSD? Sorry for the confusion. This is the first trouble I've ever had with a Dell (IDE or SCSI).

Can anyone confirm that the lsilogic ultra320 scsi controller just wont work at all, or just won't work in 4.10. Is there maybe some way to emulate an adaptec card or something like that?

The mpt(4) driver in 5.2.1 (thats what I have, guessing its pretty much the same for your 4.10) says it supports the 53c1030 Dual Ultra320 SCSI. Also says it first appeared in FreeBSD 4.6. I don't have this SCSI adapter.

As for SATA on the 400SC, the MB SATA interface works fine for me in 5.2.1-p9 altho its installed on PATA, SATA only has data.

Don't believe I noticed how much memory your system has. The Dell BIOS has an "OS installation mode" which greatly truncates the amount of memory appearing in the system. For all I know that might prevent mpt(4) from operating reliably. F2 after boot and check which state this BIOS setting is using. "What the heck?" Try it the other way.

I am having problems with my 400SC failing to reboot. With ACPI enabled dmesg output appears cleaner than without but "shutdown -r now" appears to go all the way down to BIOS but doesn't turn around and come back up. At least it doesn't now, but did the first few days I was beating on the machine to make sure it was suitable. Seems to have happened when the Seagate 40G PATA drive was replaced with a Hitachi 120G PATA drive. Swapping back to the Seagate didn't fix the problem.

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