Hi all

Just a quick question, as it was posted on the list
nvidia has released some new drivers, i've yet to try
these drivers but at the moment im having to use
-CURRENT to be able to get the previous release 
to work properly and they did very well. I rebuilt my
world/kernel with -CURRENT and then my software, xorg,
gnome 2.6 etc. My questions is, everything ive
compiled was with gcc 3.4.x thats in -CURRENT if i
downgrade to 5.2.1 Release will this cause any
problems with the software i compiled with the newer
gcc. Reasons being for changing as i dont like being
that much on the bleeding edge as im just a user not a
developer, saying that thou these new drivers might
not work out for me and i may end up going back to
-CURRENT, as i had the libpthread > libr_c problem and
had to map them with libmap.conf

Anyway any opinions please as im going to do this
tonight and if it means it will screw things up i
might just reinstall.

Thanks Again


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