I will be attending college in a few weeks. The network at this uni requires
802.1x authentication over wireless connections. I've scoured google all
over and discovered Open1x--which has openly dropped all BSD support--and a
guy who has ported Open1x, but only on wired connections. I'm a decent
programmer in some regards, but not so much C/system code, so it's not like
I could just make the neccesary adjustments and recompile. :)

Is 802.1x supported on FreeBSD yet? I know I can build open1x on a Linux
box, but that is my ABSOLUTE LATE resort. I really want to keep using
FreeBSD, but if I can't access the school's network I won't be able to
continue doing so.

What's the status of this in FreeBSD, including the upcoming 5.3? Am I just
out of luck?


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