More by accident than by design, I find myself the owner of a Samsung
PS/2 Cordless Mouse.  To make identification easier, it doesn't have a
model number, so I assume it's the only one they made.

This mouse has five buttons: the normal three on top, and one on each
side.  I can't find a way to get the side buttons to work, and looking
on the web hasn't shown anything of interest.

I don't suppose anybody knows this mouse, though I'd be interested in
hearing if somebody has.  My real question is: how can I enable the
side buttons?  There's obviously some kind of initialization sequence
that is performed by the Microsoft drivers included with the mouse,
but how do I find out what they do?  Is there some utility that runs
under Microsoft and snoops what's going on on the PS/2 port?  I know
of something similar for USB, but so far I've drawn a blank for PS/2.

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