It's a netgear router. The thing is, it does go way over 2 min. Here's what it does. When I am initially booting off the disk and it checks the hardware for the first time it turns it yellow. Then, when I first try to connect to an ftp it turns it green but it never connects. When I hit ctrl c and then choose restart installation, it takes me back for a new installation and the light remains green.
When I set everything up again, it says my filesystem was written correctly, it connects to the ftp, it starts a download, then it tells me the filesystem is full.

Your router light turning yellow could be an indication that it has been reset and has entered an "auto-negotiation" mode where it determines what speed to configure itself as, i.e., either 10 or 100.

Try waiting until it turns green to proceed with the install, rather than aborting and restarting. I think it should take no more than 30 seconds, but time it with a stopwatch. Anything over 2 minutes is WAY too long.

What kind of router are you talking about?

On Monday 16 August 2004 08:37 pm, Ryan Lamb wrote:
I'm trying to install FreeBSD for the first time but I am having an error
that I can't figure out. I have googled for an answer and read mailing
list posts but still can't find what I'm looking for. First, when the disk
boots and checks the hardware, it does something strange to my network card
that makes my router light turn yellow instead of green indicating 10 Mbps
mode instead of 100. Anyway, once I get ready to do the install, it can't
.contact the ftp site, it just stays forever at connecting but it does
change my network card back so the router light is green. If I do a
control c to cancel it and restart installation, I can contact the site. However, when it starts to install, it fails saying the filesystem is full.
This can't be. It's a 40Gb drive. I started by overwriting my hd using a
utility called boot and nuke. Then I allocated the whole thing to freebsd
and made that partition bootable. Then in disklabel, I hit "a" to do a
default setup. I've tried several different things in disklabel and I wipe
my disk clean between each try and nothing seems to work. Any help would
be appreciated. Thanks.

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