> Jay O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>What's the best way to erase an installation of FreeBSD 
>>completely from a HD and start over? I'm installing 4.10 
>>from am ISO CD, and it installs fine. However, I would 
>>like to start over from scratch and it "remembers" some 
>>of what was on the HD from the last install. If I were 
>>in Windows/DOS I would just "format C:" but that doesn't 
>>seem to be an option here.

Bill Moran wrote: 
> During the reinstall, when it comes time to slice the disk with fdisk,
> simply delete the previous slice and recreate it.  That will blow away
> anything that existed before.

Andras Kende wrote:
> Boot from CD as usual 
> When displaying the hard disk with FreeBSD slice click on Delete key...
> Then just recreate the partition as before...

Bill, Andras:

Thanks, that does the job. Much appreciated.

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