On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 01:31:30 -0700
Jay O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> spake thus:

> Initial 4.10 installation. Trying to configure XFree86.
> from /stand/sysinstall, select Configure | XFree86. 
> I THINK I've tried every possible combination. I couldn't 
> use the "Fully graphical XFree86 configuration tool" as 
> the graphic was partially off-screen and the monitor was 
> "out of range". I used the textmode tool and the shell-
> script tool, settling on the shell-script tool. After 
> agreeing that it should write /etc/X11/XF86, and selecting 
> a desktop to use, many different attempts all result in 
> this error:
> "Error mounting /dev/acd0c on /dist: Input/output error (5)"
> And the next screen is:
> "An error occurred while adding the package(s) required by 
> this desktop type. Please change installation media and/or 
> select a different, perhaps simpler, desktop environment 
> and try again."
> I don't find a /etc/X11/ directory, much less a XF86 file.
> Video card is ati XPERT 98, monitor is 1280x1024 LCD.
> A suggestion for what to try next?
> Jay O'Brien
> Rio Linda, CA USA

Yes, download and burn yourself another install disk or change the media
source in the install screen and then make it download the sources from
the internet. Sounds like you've got bad media rather than a config that
can't be done. 



Luke Kearney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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