--- Peter Ulrich Kruppa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi!
> I just started playing around with my new SATA disk
> (with SATA 
> 150 TX2plus controller on -CURRENT). I can mount and
> format it 
> all-right.
> Is it generally posssible to boot from such a disk
> (different 
> question would be if it made sense to do so)?
> My SATA drive is recognized as ata2-master.


Well, I was kinda hoping someone else would come up
with an answer.  I kinda prefer to lurk (something
about opening one's mouth and removing doubt...).

In the past, I have forgotten to set external
controller's to be bootable.  Perhaps you need to set
either scsi or "mass storage device" bootable before

Good luck.

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