Hello everyone,

Because of the MASS failure tries to connect to my server using random passwords
I decided to allow only my IP to access the server.

I didnot do this before cuz i was worried this restriction will effect any services running..

a question:
If i change hosts.allow to accept only my ip adrs and next line is ALL : ALL : deny
is this will effect any performance? such as webmail, smtp or other connections/services?
After fixing those lines, I used the webMail to send mail, then an SMTP error came saying
(access denied) hmm any hint?

   Example (The IP is an Example):
   ALL : 192.168.0. : allow
   ALL : ALL : deny

   One more stupid question.
   If i want to allow a whole class of ips, shall i write as
   ALL : 192.168.0.* : allow        (using the star)
   ALL : 192.168.0. : allow      (leave it empty)

   Thanks for the help.

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