On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 12:41:02PM -0400, Duane Winner wrote:
> Found a solution!
> In ~/.bashrc, put this:
> cd ()
> {
>    builtin cd "$@"
>    /usr/local/bin/xtset [EMAIL PROTECTED]:`pwd`
> }
> -Duane
> Duane Winner wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Hey, does anybody know of any useful tricks for automating xtset or 
> >xtermset?
> >
> >I use xtset to set the title and icon labels to [EMAIL PROTECTED]:path so I can 
> >keep track of my xterms littered all over my desktop (pretty frequent! :)
> >
> >But it sure would be nice to have them updated whenever I 'cd' to 
> >another directory or 'su' to another user or 'ssh' to another host!
> >

        [ ... ]

        I've got a slight problem with having the host/directory/etc on the
        title bar. It will help clear my zsh right-prompt, of course.
        But how do you set the title bar *back* to the name of the xterm?
        (My xterms are titled "Mail", "Net", "Hacking", "Scratch", and so
        forth.)  Is there a way of using xtset/xtermset to retrieve the
        -n "Name"??



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