I've been wanting to get Prelude-IDS up and running for a while but just
haven't had/made the time to do so until now.  I was going through the
documentation at http://www.prelude-ids.org/article.php3?id_article=6
and they make a couple of references that I have some questions about...

1) They reference prelude-php-frontend but that doesn't exist in the
ports tree anywhere.  I can't find the package on their page either.
Does anyone have any experience with it??  If not I'll contact the
Prelude-IDS developers to get more info. 

2) They also reference a prelude-manager-db-create.sh script located in
the prelude-manager directory but I'm not seeing the script.  It looks
like the only thing it does (according to the documentation) is create a
DB in mySQL, create a user and give the user permissions but I'm
wondering if there is something else that is being done.

I'd appreciate any help from anyone with experience out there.

Also, the prelude-ids port is listed as maintained by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
and I was wondering what protocol is for contacting that address??  Do I
just e-mail the address or should I contact the list first??


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