Luke Kearney wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 01:31:30 -0700
> Jay O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> spake thus:
>>Initial 4.10 installation. Trying to configure XFree86.
>>from /stand/sysinstall, select Configure | XFree86. 
>>I THINK I've tried every possible combination. I couldn't 
>>use the "Fully graphical XFree86 configuration tool" as 
>>the graphic was partially off-screen and the monitor was 
>>"out of range". I used the textmode tool and the shell-
>>script tool, settling on the shell-script tool. After 
>>agreeing that it should write /etc/X11/XF86, and selecting 
>>a desktop to use, many different attempts all result in 
>>this error:
>>"Error mounting /dev/acd0c on /dist: Input/output error (5)"
>>And the next screen is:
>>"An error occurred while adding the package(s) required by 
>>this desktop type. Please change installation media and/or 
>>select a different, perhaps simpler, desktop environment 
>>and try again."
>>I don't find a /etc/X11/ directory, much less a XF86 file.
>>Video card is ati XPERT 98, monitor is 1280x1024 LCD.
>>A suggestion for what to try next?
>>Jay O'Brien
>>Rio Linda, CA USA
> Yes, download and burn yourself another install disk or change the media
> source in the install screen and then make it download the sources from
> the internet. Sounds like you've got bad media rather than a config that
> can't be done. 
> LukeK
Ok, I did as you suggested and I'm presently getting stuff via ftp. It 
looks like it will be downloading all day. I thought the ISO image CD 
would avoid this; what is all the stuff that is downloading? Isn't there 
a way to just replace the XF86 stuff that may be bad?  Where are all 
these files going, and why do I need to download them all? Once this is 
done, will I have to do it all over again when I rebuild again from 
scratch, or is there a way, like on the CD, that I can store just those 
files I need?  There's got to be a better way!



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