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> On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 12:04:15PM -0500, Dan Nelson wrote:
> > You can run them at any time.  The AWRE change should be immediate, and
> > the defects command is just a status inquiry and won't affect anything.
> > 
> > Some drives don't update the current settings until the drive is reset,
> > so if "camcontrol mode da5 -m 1 -P 0" shows AWRE at 0 while "-P 3"
> > shows it at 1, you may need to reset the drive ("camcontrol reset da5"
> > with the vinum volume dismounted, or a power-cycle).
> > 
> Curious, both camcontrol commands show:
>       AWRE (Auto Write Reallocation Enbld):  1
> So it would appear that AWRE has been enabled all along.  Here's a
> unique list (and count) of the errors since 10 Aug:

>   43 (da5:ahc0:0:5:0): WRITE(06). CDB: a 0 1 f9 a 

This is the block you have to be worried about.  It's definitely either
a file or metadata that gets modified a lot.  If the drive isn't
reallocating the block, it may be easier to just replace it.  SCSI
drives usually have a 5-year warranty, so check the vendor's site and
see if you can get them to replace it.

        Dan Nelson
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