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so far ive got this along with the primary inet address with the /27
subnet mask in /etc/rc.conf

ifconfig_rl0_alias*="inet netmask" (replacing 0's with ip address of course) Chuck Swiger wrote:

| Marc Cabanatuan wrote: [ ... ]
|> Right now I've got a /27 and I am attemtpting to add 5 addresses
|> of that adress block (ipv4) to the box as either seperate
|> addreses (not aliases to the primary interface) or seperate
|> addresses bound to sub-interfaces. So far I have been
|> unsuccessful and the host told me to use aliases.
| FreeBSD doesn't let you configure multiple IP addresses within the
| same subnet.  You will either have to use different netmasks, or
| else use aliases as recommended.
|> I also wish for these settings to stay after (re)boot.
| See /etc/rc.conf, and add something like:
| # Sample alias entry. #ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet
| netmask 0xffffffff"
|> Not to mention they say my firewall is the problem and they
|> couldn't get out to the internet from root console (im using pf
|> and have the rule of 'pass out all'.
| Hmm.
|> Next thing, a second account just 'showed up' on the box with uid
|> 0.
|> toor:*:0:0:Bourne-again Superuser:/root: - from
|> /etc/master.passwd
|> I suspect it was techs from the host, but I want it off the
|> machine. How do I do this?
| FreeBSD ships with a toor account available but disabled, which can
|  be useful if someone breaks the shell used by the root account
| itself.  If you want to get rid of it, run vipw.

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