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> > Hello all,
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> > I'm sorry this is a bit off-topic, but you're the only truly
> > knowledgable group I know. ;)  Some fellow users and I have been
> > having some issues connecting to a Cisco VPN system with
> the built-in
> > windows VPN software.  While successfully connected to the internet
> > (at home, for example), I connect to the remote VPN.  Instantly, my
> > internet connectivity seems to be lost, but I can use the VPN
> > perfectly fine.  As soon as I disconnect, my internet
> connectivity is
> > completely restored. I have a second VPN I connect to using V-One's
> > SmartPass software, and I have no issues (i.e. everything works
> > perfectly, including my 'net connection).
> I think Fernando already answered well, but I just want to
> second this.
> This is definatly a config on the client.  I dealt with this
> a few years ago and we had to spend quite a few hours
> researching to figure out what to change to fix it, but there
> was just one option hidden deep in a cascade of dialog boxes
> that basically told the machine that it should only use the
> VPN for traffic that needed the VPN.  Everything worked fine
> after that.  The default is set to "broken" (figures).
> Sorry I don't remember the exact config setting :(

Ok all,

After the prompting by you folks, I started poking around those deep
dialogue boxes, and behold, I found it!

Following this map, you'll see what I mean:

1) VPN Connection Properties Dialogue
2) Click the 'Networking' Tab
3) Click on 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and then the 'Properties'
4) Click on the Advanced Tab.
5) Under the 'General' Tab, there is a single check box that states:
   'Use default gateway on remote network'
6) Unchecking this box allows your current internet connection to work

Thanks for all your help!

Eric F Crist

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