Jay O'Brien wrote:

> I can run kbdcontrol -h 500 or vidcontrol -h 500 to set the 
> scroll back keyboard history buffer to 500 lines for the 
> virtual terminal I'm using. How can I make that happen at 
> boot, in the same manner as I run allscreens_flags in 
> rc.conf to set other terminal parameters?  I don't need 
> this to set all of the virtual terminals; it would be 
> nice if each terminal could be set separately.
> It doesn't work for me when placed in rc.conf, with either 
> a direct command or attempting to use allscreens_flags.
> I'm using 4.10.
> Jay O'Brien
> Rio Linda, CA USA


Re-reading the above could be interpreted that I want to be able 
to review more keyboard lines; not so. I should not have used the 
word "keyboard". I'm looking for redisplay of the screen lines. 
Both kbdcontrol and vidcontrol perform that function. I've built 
a workaround by adding this to root and user .cshrc: 
     alias bu vidcontrol -h (with a space following). 
This allows me to type 'bu 500' to set the buffer to 500 lines.

In addition, I would like to be able to set it during boot. Is 
that possible?


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