It doesn't work for me when placed in rc.conf, with either
a direct command or attempting to use allscreens_flags.

I run 5.2.1 myself, but if anything I write is incorrect for 4.10 someone will surely correct me shortly.

It looks to me like you've been putting your parameter in
the wrong string; as far as I understand, allscreens_flags
is sent to vidcontrol, while allscreens_kbdflags goes to

Putting plain commands into rc.conf is unlikely ever to
accomplish much. Peek in /etc/defaults/rc.conf for a lot of
interesting stuff which will work, though.

If you still need to do shell stuff on startup, slapping
together a script and putting it in rc.d is the way to go.
The man pages of rc explain the works, and include a
template script which you can copy and fill in.

 -Jan Christian
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