On Aug 18, 2004, at 01:40, Dino Vliet wrote:

@home we have a cable internet connection and I want
to attach a router to it to be able to share the
internet connection of 1 standalone winxp pc and a
laptop running freebsd 4.10
The cable connection uses dhcp to assign me a
ip-address. I also would like a switch to be able to
set up a lan between the pc's at home.

Most of the products out there combine a 4/5 port switch with the router.

Personally I would favour a netgear solution but some
of the don't allow port forwarding and even though I
don't know at the moment if I will need this, I do
want a product which is capable of doing that:-)

I'm not aware of any router/firewall products which don't offer port forwarding, though sometimes it's called something different. Which Netgear product are you referring to?

What are the best freebsd compatible routers?

Well, Cisco 3660s are nice... The phrase "freebsd compatible router" is pretty meaningless, FreeBSD uses a standard TCP/IP implementation and so do routers, so they are all interoperable. The only thing you might find is a product that has a Windows-specific setup program, but that is very rare on current equipment - they all use browser-based setups. Buy the cheapest thing on sale (should be < $30 new if you shop around) and replace it later if you need some specific different feature.

Will te fact that I use freebsd on my laptop be a
serious constraint?

Depends on what you're trying to do with it.


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