Version : FreeBSDi386-5.2.1

Foreword : FreeBSD5.2.1 is used because 4.1 don't recognized
my motherboard correctly.

some trouble to start an integrated Ethernet Device
by FreeBSD.
Loader give the message :
pci2: <network, ethernet> at device 8.0 (no driver attached)

in my case, i'm using :
MotherBoard     : Asus P4SL8 / Pundit
Ethernet        : 3Com 3C920B-EM-WNM Integrated Fast Ethernet
with this informations (returned by NT5.1) :
PCI 2, device 8 (same as FreeBSD)
IRQ 18
I/O : EC00-EC7F
Memory : FE200000-FE20007F

Here's the Kernel Configuration :
* loader.conf
I tried to load the module 'if_xl' on loader.conf but got the
message that module was already loaded (default/loader.conf set the
if_xl module_load to "NO")...

* device.hints (5.2.1)"isa"            
hint.ed.0.port="0xec00"       #Loader resp. : wrong
hint.ed.0.irq="18"            #Loader resp. : wrong IRQ - over 15
hint.ed.0.maddr="0xFE200000"  #Loader resp. : wrong addr

Well. My questions are :
Q1 : how to attach a device driver on pci2.dev8 ?
Q2 : how to setup correctly parms in device.hints ?
Q3 : why loader say that if_xl is already loaded when setting up
if_xl_load to "YES" ?
Q4 : setting up verbose_loading="YES" has worked one time, but seem
to be ignored by the loader now (no verbose in /var/log/messages)
Why ?

Thanks, as you understand i'm a very newbies on FreeBSD,
i would like to migrate my Apache from NT5.1 to FreeBSD
but without network i'm affraid that would be not possible


PS : i can't send you my /var/log/messages file because i can't
write on my NTFS partition ("mount_ntfs" doesn't permit that)
and have no floppy on my computer (a friend give me this computer,
this was not my choice, sorry ..)

Valéry Seys / Paris-France

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