indunil wrote:


I installed FREEBSD 5.2.1. I can telnet to Free BSD box from Windows 2000
client. I can telnet to it with my USERNAME and PASSWORD. Then I want to be
root. So I issue SU - ( or SU - root).  then FreeBSD box asks me the
password (root's password ).
when I give root's password, FreeBSD box does not accept . Why ? Pls help me

a] you used the wrong password b] your USERNAME is not a member of the WHEEL group (see /etc/group). c] you mistyped root's password twice when setting it up? d] something else is very wrong.

Hopefully, it's a] or b].

I assume that if you are using Telnet, you are doing so
from a trusted host on a private network, or have wrappers,
or some other wonderfuly security strategy?  Telnet sends
all information in readable (unencrypted) form, so your
passwords could rather easily be "sniffed".  ssh(1) and
sshd(8) are a much better choice.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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