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Subject: Intel PRO/1000 and Intel 865 PE, FreeBSD 5.2.1

Good day!

Sorry about my stupid questions, but i can't resolve my problem by
myself. I've read a lot of pages and FAQs but can't do this:

I have Intel PRO/1000 Network Card on Albatron motherb PX865PE ProII
oard with Inter 82865PE chipset.

After boot network card doesn't work. I think it's something with
interrupts. It only works when I disable ACPI in device.hints. The the
card uses IRQ18 and all is ok.

I've shitched resources in BIOS in thousands combinations - it's all
the same.

I need ACPI for HT pseudo-dual processing.

There are two logs attached - with ACPI and without

Thank you if you can help me.

With Best regards/wishes

 ICQ 65975280, phone +7-916-7219187

Hello Ighor,

I had an Intel 865PERL Board + P4 3.0 800 HTT CPU
5.2.1 always crashed because some ACPI compatibility problem...

I upgraded to a 5.2 Current which solved the ACPI issues.

Replaced that board to a ASUS p4c800-e deluxe which never had any problem

Try firmware upgrade on the motherboard or try test with Current

Best regards,

Andras Kende

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